thirtySomething Dance Co-operative is a performance group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
What we are is a group of adult dancers from different backgrounds in dance forms and life. Our varied dance training includes jazz, ballet, modern, tap and theatre.
What we represent is creativity, opportunity, passion, friendship and fun.
What we do is dance, share, laugh, perform and entertain.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about TSDC:

As one of the founding members, I still remember our first meeting where we floated the idea of creating our own dance show for the Atlantic Fringe Festival in 2005.  A group of like-minded dancers missed having a performance outlet because the Halifax Dance adult recreational program (where we all took classes) had decided to no longer put on their annual performance, “Jazz Bliss”.  We were all obvious “divas” to some degree as we missed being on stage.  So that night Thirtysomething Dance Cooperative was “born” and “Dancers With Day Jobs” our first show was in the initial creation phase.  Since that first meeting tsdc has seen people come and go, expanded our dance styles, has danced in several venues, has done charity performances, has witnessed many members choreograph beautiful works but also maintain traditions.  From our first production,  we have always had a theme for each show, have always had a “hinterlude”, have always mixed strong dance with more light-hearted humourous pieces and have had a theatrical component to the shows.  These features culminate in shows that are accessible, fun and entertaining for our audiences.  Above all else though, TSDC, brings people together of various ages, backgrounds, sizes and abilities to work hard together at something we all love to reach a goal of putting on a fantastic, wonderfully produced dance show that inspire audiences to want more and for some to take up dance themselves.  It is also a place of fun and laughter, tears and helping hands, support and trust for and to all the members, one I hope that keeps going for many years.

Mary-Ann Hudec, 2005-current season

Dancing with 30something for these past 10 years has really changed my outlook on dancing. Before, I was always in a class setting being told how to stand, where to put my leg, to “grow 2 inches”. Through my experience with 30 something I have found my own way of expressing myself and being accepted for whatever the outcome is. I am very thankful for the opportunity 30something has given me!

Stephanie Nifort, 2012- current season

Our uniqueness is how an audience member once described us – “real women dancing”. We are just your everyday women who have come together for the common love of dance. And we’re more than just a group of dancers – we’re friends. Our gatherings aren’t just in the studio. We’ve all seen each other go through a lot and it brings us even closer.

Sue Healy, 2005-current season

“The opportunity to be a part of this talented and unique group has been such a gift in so many ways. I’ve been dancing for over two decades and the 30 Something shows are some of the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. The choreographers we work with and the support from Maritime Dance are amazing, but it’s the 30 Something dancers themselves that I feel so fortunate to have met and now call my friends.”

Kathryn Appleton, 2010-current season

TSDC to me means Terrific, Sentimental, Dynamic, Close at Heart. I love not only dancing but spending time with beautiful, intelligent, “grab life by the pants” kind of people. It means the world to me and has helped me satisfy part of my dreams.

Christine Christian, 2009-2019

I have been a member of TSDC since 2005 – the ladies of TSDC are like my extended family.  We have seen each other through good times and bad times, we have celebrated engagements, marriages and births and even mourned collectively for the loss of a beloved friend.  We are all unique, representing a range of ages, skills and life experiences. Collectively we are all linked by our shared passion in our love of dance.  My life is much richer due to being part of this great cooperative – not many opportunities exist for non-professionals dancers or “dancers with dayjobs” – TSDC offers its members the opportunity to continue to pursue their love of performing while forming meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Stacey Robichaud, 2005-current season

It is what I look forward to at the end of a long week to let my stress out, and be around positive people who share the same thing as me; a love for dance. Everyone is always so welcoming to new comers, and makes you feel like you are a part of the TSDC family right away. We always have fun together, and share such great memories every year. The best part, it doesn’t matter how bad of a day/week you are having, someone is bound to make you laugh, and feel loved. I am so glad I am able to be part of such a great family/company.

Corinne Hartlen, 2009-2018

I joined TSDC this year; I knew I wanted to dance again, but I had no idea what was in store for me. Even though I knew many of the women in the cooperative already, I was nervous about feeling left out or like an intruder.  My worries quickly dissipated when we had our first rehearsal; this is a truly special group of women who are not only kind and welcoming, but also excited to share their love of dance with anyone who comes their way. I was continually amazed by how these women balance full professional lives, families and have still managed to prioritize dance. I cannot fully express my awe at how much time, energy and talent these women give to the company in order to keep dance in their lives and to bring joy to the dance community. I think the reason that the audience loves TSDC so much is the same reason I do: it is always apparent how much the women care about dance, having fun, and how much they love each other.This has been without a doubt the most difficult year in my personal life, and I know that ThirtySomething was a big part of the reason I made it out the other side. TSDC gave a place where I could have fun, forget about my worries and feel completely supported. I have had to move home to Fredericton because of a family illness, and the thing I will miss most about the living in Halifax is this company. This is a special group that I will never find elsewhere. TSDC reminded me how much i love dance, and how important it is to surround yourself with love and support whenever you can.

While this is a company with innovation, humour, talent and vision, it is above all a family. I am so proud that I was a part of this amazing group. I hope that my path leads me back to Halifax so that I can regain what I was given this year: continual chances to be inspired and uplifted by a community of dancers. I could never thank them enough.

Aimee Gauvin, 2012 season